“I’d like to start by saying I’ve been to a few Doctors, the first time I went to Dr.Howell I was met by Jessica the receptionist a bubbly, sweet spoken, women . Always greets you like your the only patient. Never ever have I seen her without her beautiful smile. And never to busy to help or make you feel special. Sam my nurse is kinda like your mother. There to take all the important things. Listens to all pains and aches even the ones she can’t help like my kids “things” husband ” things” life in general “things”. But also there for comfort. Scared thru my first injection she was so very sweet let me know it was ok and I’d feel a lot better after. And I did! Sony is the sweetest he is there to help in anyway. So nice and so knowledgeable. He is always the nicest with an awesome smile. Dr. Howell is the most thoughtful Dr. I have ever went to. She is so very knowledgeable but talks to you so you can understand. Never has she made me feel less than a person. Or that my pain and hurts were just tribal like some Dr.s I’ve seen. She tells me what she thinks I should do. Gives me options. And listens to me. Really listens. Since going I’ve been about to move and actually felt better than years. I cant thank the staff all of them. They are all so awesome! They work like a family all has their part and does it great!! Thank you so very much for caring for me and my family!”