Dr. Baber Younas, MD

  • Education

    • Medical School – St. George’s University
      Doctor of Medicine
    • Saint Barnabas Medical Center
      Internship in Internal Medicine
    • New York University
      Residency in Anesthesiology with Pain Medicine
  • Board Certifications

  • Years of Experience

    19 Years

“… Really seemed to care about helping me with the issues I’m having. I got more information in 1 hour visit than I have in 3 ER visits and 3 days in the hospital over the last 3 weeks. Highly recommend.”

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“I was so impressed with everything about Dr. Younas! He was extremely thorough, kind and very refreshing, as far as pain management doctors go.i would recommend him to every single person I ever met to see him for their care! He was truly AMAZING!”

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Dr. Baber Younas

Barber Younas, M.D. is board certified in anesthesia at Texas Partners in Pain Management. He practices comprehensive pain management to treat low back pain, knee arthritis pain, neck pain and migraines.

He specializes in:

  • Migraine therapy care by performing a sphenopalatine block
  • Knee pain using Cool Leaf knee ablation
  • Tendinitis using prolotherapy
  • Sciatica using Joimax endoscopic disc program

Dr. Younas is a proud Cum Laude graduate from Amherst College in Massachusetts, majoring in neuroscience and reasearching pain pathways.

He earned his medical degree from St. George’s University School of Medicine. After medical school he went on to specialize in anesthesia at NYU, New York City. He is part of the Texas Medical Association, Dallas Physicians Association and the American Society of Anesthesia.

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